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£27 million for foresters and farmers to boost productivity

Defra launched the new Farming Investment Fund. Farmers, foresters and growers from across Derbyshire are urged to apply for grants to buy new equipment and infrastructure to help to improve efficiency and help us build back greener.

Published on 19 November 2021

The fund will be split across two strands. Firstly, the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund will focus on smaller grants for equipment from a set list.

Secondly, the Farming Transformation Fund will cover more substantial technology, with the potential to transform business performance. This strand will focus initially on water management with grants available to improve water use on farms for things like crop irrigation and constructing on-farm reservoirs.

The deadline for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund is midday on 7 January 2022. Applications for the Farming Transformation Fund can be made online until 12 January 2022, with the deadline to complete full applications by 30 June 2022.