Barrel Inn extension project

Barrel Inn extension project Leader case study.

Project description

The extension of the current restaurant dining area, to increase seating numbers and expand and to improve the commercial kitchen at the Barrel Inn which will increase the number of customers able to be served from 60 to 100 covers with an increase in turnover. The extension of the dining area will also enable increased usage as a community or business venue outside of the usual restaurant opening hours.

Need for project

There are few businesses in the immediate surrounding area the location is in a spectacular environment which is well served with visitors to the area and local people who travel to the restaurant

Management information figures show that there is demand for the expansion project as they currently turn away approximately 25% of customers at busy periods due to a lack of capacity.

None or very few of the outputs would be delivered without the funding. The applicant has clearly evidenced that either there are insufficient funds available to them from other sources. The Barrell inn provides business to a number of supply chain business from the locality.

Project cost

Total cost: £169,067

LEADER grant: £67,626.80

Projected outcomes

Seven new jobs.

Increased turnover.

Increased supply chain opportunities.