Classic Gas Body Shop

Classic Gas Body Shop Leader case study.

Project description

This is a new start business in vehicle body repairs.  The funding has enabled the business to purchase and install specialist equipment for the efficient handling of vehicles and allowed the business to offer a more complex paint finish service. A heater and extraction system provides a safer working environment for the partners and any other people they employ in the future.

The project helps to create a sustainable business to support both partners in a full-time employment by the end of the first year and enable the business to employ further staff in future years as it becomes more established.

Need for project

Without the funding, the new business could not fully fund the equipment required. The growth projections would be slower and the ability to employ another person would also be delayed.

Project cost

Total cost: £10,985.65

LEADER grant: £4,394.26

Projected outcomes

New new jobs created: 1