Coldeaton Jersey Ice Cream

Coldeaton Jersey Ice Cream Leader case study.

Coldeaton Jersey Ice Cream bicycle and trailer

Project description

The farm has been home to a herd of award winning pedigree Jersey cows for the last 30 years and is also currently used for weaning and rearing pigs and calves. The surplus milk from the Jersey herd will be used for the production of homemade artisan Jersey ice cream. The grant funding will equip a manufacturing unit with reliable, quality, energy efficient machines utilising latest technology for hygienic and optimum flexibility for the production and retail of artisan ice cream.

Need for project

The new start business project will not go ahead at a commercially viable scale without the grant funding. Utilising the milk on farm will enable this farm diversification project to add value to an established farm thereby increasing the longer term sustainability of the farm. This family run business will add new products to the local market increasing the choice for both the local community and the tourism market.

Project cost

Total cost: £32,909

LEADER grant: £13,163.60

Projected outcomes

Two new jobs.

Sixteen new ice cream products.

One new business.