Electrify Ventures Ltd (Pyrotechnics)

Electrify Ventures Ltd (Pyrotechnics) Leader case study.

Project description

Electrify Ventures Ltd was initially formed by members of different firework companies who had experience and passion for fireworks, sound systems and lighting.  The funding was for a Fire One firing system with cabling, equipment to build more mortar racks and a set of flame projection machines.

Purchasing these items has opened up a new market for Electrify, allowing them to do more than one large display per night and also to bid for large council displays where multiple electronic firing modules are needed and a greater number of mortar firing racks are required.

Need for project

Without the funding, Electrify Ventures Ltd would be have been unable to purchase the equipment listed and would not be able to expand in the short term. 

Project cost

Total cost: £37,049.60

LEADER grant: £14,819.84

Projected outcomes

New of new jobs created: 2-over three years