New Close Farm Ltd

New Close Farm Ltd is a well-established meat supplier selling fresh meat and bakery products to local businesses both from farm and through the shop in Bakewell.

Project description

The investment will enable the business to increase its business to business trade by being able to supply local authority schools and public and private sector contracts with locally sourced products. In order to expand into this market the business needs to accurately control portion quantity which is a requirement for many of the tenders. The new equipment to enable the business to progress in this area will enable the reduction of time in the sausage production process by 50% and enable the business to widen their customer base.

Need for project

The provision of high quality meat products is a benefit to the local community. Success in this business will also have a positive impact with increased trade in their local supply chain and wider sales. Funding for this project is needed as the investment in the machinery is significant.

Total cost: £17,945

LEADER grant: £7,178

Projected outcomes

Number of jobs created: 1.5