Shop Reddish

Shop Reddish was founded in 2008 since then it has grown and developed and offers bespoke design, laser engraving services, and products for individuals and wider business needs.

Project description

This investment is to increase the sustainability and turnover of the existing business through the expansion into new markets as well as building on the current markets. Investment is focused on adding new equipment and increasing employees to the business, leading to an increase the current annual turnover. The funding will also help to bring a minimum of two new products to the market to be distributed through a cooperative effort with local universities and veterinary surgeries The laser machine will enable the business to increase business to business sales and improve productivity through repeat orders into new markets.

Need for project

The investment will increase production capacity enabling expansion and development of new products. Without assistance in the form of grant funding, expansion and growth would be on a much smaller and slower scale. The goals for expansion into higher end products and the opportunity to hire employees would be delayed.

Total cost: £61,178.99

LEADER grant: £24,471.60

Projected outcomes

Number of jobs created: 2.5.

Increased sustainability.