Shutts Farm Machinery

Shutts Farm Machinery Leader case study.

Project description

The project consists of four interrelated areas of work. The investments are:

  • purchase of a trailer for movement of machinery
  • creation of additional storage
  • improvements to the operating yard
  • the incorporation of office space.

The investment will enable machinery to be moved throughout the country including meeting the necessary requirements to board ferries and the euro tunnel, create a storage building for safe, dry storage and assembly of machinery in stock. The improvements to the yard and building will enable the business to operate from a professional work space to extend and develop their client base.

Need for project

Shutts Farm Machinery was established in 2013 as a farm diversification project and the business is now ready to make investment in the business and start to grow and develop the business. As a relatively new start business finance options are limited, purchasing a specialised trailer will create a new job and brings their transportation in house so they don't need to rely on contractors. The provision of safe storage and working area is to support the sales and maintenance of the business and help to grow the sales team. The expansion will enable the applicant to strengthen his market share and expand the service he currently offers, the applicant is firmly established in the area and has a client base already. A local base will shorten the time other business in the main farming businesses have to invest in taking equipment for repair and maintenance further afield thereby providing a small element of improving productivity to other businesses within the sector. The business also operates on an international basis.

Project cost

Total cost: £102,510

LEADER grant: £40,693

Projected outcomes

Two and a half new jobs

Increase the supply chain.

Improve turnover.