The Sunshine Pizza Oven

The mobile pizza company was set up in April 2015 and has seen demand increase.

Project description

The investment will provide a regular, year round service and expand the business by purchasing a second-hand van, fitted with a wood-fired oven and catering facilities. The van will enable the business to be more flexible and weather resilient than currently through the pop-up stall facility. A catering van will also allow them to expand the capacity to deliver catering for parties, weddings and corporate events at venues in the local area. This expansion would allow the business to take on additional local staff.

Need for project

The business is unable to meet the demand for their service from various community and business venues where they would like the mobile pizza company to set up regular pizza nights which currently they don't have the capacity to meet. The business would not be able to set up the project independently, grant funding will allow them to develop the project, enhance their service and take on additional staff.

Total cost: £30,635.80

LEADER grant: £12,254.32

Projected outcomes

Number of jobs created: 1.5

Expansion of the business.