Tomson Fruit and Vegetable warehouse extension

Tomson Fruit and Vegetable warehouse extension Leader case study.

Project description

Erection of a new purpose built extension, to enable the business to have increased storage capacity and loading space. The expansion will increase efficiency and quality control over stock, which in turn enhances the quality of service that will be provided. The warehouse as it stands is approximately 4,000sq ft. The proposed development will increase the size to provide a platform for the business to increase its size and enhance the service provided to existing customers and to expand the customer base. The amount and volume of product lines that are sold will be increased as a result.

Need for project

The applicant has considered other options for the project however the preferred option is to extend on site to ensure local employment is retained and expanded. As an established business there is now a clear need to expand the premises to increase the market share and to extend the product range. The expansion will enable them to meet the demand of other local businesses in the area for quality products delivered to their premises.

Project cost

Total cost: £41,810

LEADER grant: £16,724

Projected outcomes

Four new jobs created.

Increased turnover.

Increased supply chain business.