Ash Tree Farm sustainable improvements

Ash Tree Farm sustainable improvements Leader case study.

Project description

To increase output and efficiencies. The investments will support an increase in cow numbers and milk sales. Items supported included LED lighting, milk silo and glycol chiller, industrial washer/sanitiser, robotic feed pusher and milk pasteuriser.

Need for project

The project would not go ahead on its proposed scale without the grant funding. If the grant was not available the applicant would have to reduce the scale of the project and wait until milk prices recover slowing expansion. The creation of jobs will also be delayed until such a time that the funds are available. The grant funding is needed to improve the financial viability of the business.

The applicant has considered alternative funding options but has stressed that the UK dairy industry is encountering a period of low return due to low commodity process. As a result investments in UK dairy farms are massively declining at this point.

Project cost

Total cost: £102,879

LEADER grant: £41,151.60

Projected outcomes

New products/technologies: five.

New jobs created: three.