C C & C J Lovatt new dairy enterprise

C C & C J Lovatt new dairy enterprise Leader case study.

Project description

To enable young farmers to develop their dairy operation through the acquisition and installation of a robotic milking system. This will help to secure a future contract with a supermarket that will deliver a realistic price for the milk produced and enable the young couple to gain a living from the farm without needing alternative employment sources at Sprinks Farm, Rushton Spencer.

Need for project

The applicant completed an options analysis for the dairy project to ensure this was the correct step for the business. The applicant has clearly demonstrated how the installation of the robotic milking system will deliver improvements to the turnover and efficiency of the business as well as improvements to the animal welfare of the herd thereby increasing productivity.

Project cost

Total cost: £97,600

LEADER grant: £39,040

Projected outcomes

One and a half jobs created.

One new technique.

Best practice demonstrations.