Overton Hall Farm

Overton Hall Farm Leader case study.

Project description

The project aims to increase productivity, efficiency, profitability and competitiveness whilst also improving animal welfare by installing an L.E.D lighting system. The system replicates summertime lighting hours to suppress melatonin production and increase feed intake by up to 8%. A robotic silage pusher will help to increase efficiency and productivity on the farm. Purchasing a robotic barn cleaner will clean the cows housing up to 9 times per day improving animal welfare. A dribble slurry bar applicator will enable improved use of use of slurry and help decrease the carbon footprint of the farm.

Need for project

The equipment will enable the business to work in a more efficient and productive way than previously ensuring economic sustainability and expansion of the farm.

Total cost: £51,970

LEADER grant: £20,788.00

Projected outcomes

New products/technologies: 4