Peaslows Farm

Peaslows Farm Leader case study.

Project description

Three main elements of this project will provide financial savings and help the running of the business progress more efficiently.

The project is to provide fresh drinking water for the cows with a borehole water well, this will eliminate the need to buy mains water and give direct savings to the farm.

A plate cooler is to be installed in the dairy reducing the running hours of the bulk milk cooling tank thereby increasing productivity. The spring water from the borehole will be used to pass through the plate cooler and the water will be re used to feed the dairy herd, cutting electricity costs and environmental impacts.

An automatic teat scrubbing brush for the cleaning and preparation of cows' teats for milking will enable savings in both resources and labour costs.

Need for project

The project is needed to enable the farm to invest in new products and techniques to improve animal welfare and increase productivity.

Total cost: £22,478.61

LEADER grant: £8,991.44

Projected outcomes

New products/technologies: 3

Increased efficiency.