M P Wright Forestry new harvesting head

M P Wright Forestry new harvesting head Leader case study.

Project description

The project is to purchase a harvesting head to attach to an existing digger to extract timber from undermanaged woodlands to enhance the service to existing contracts and to attract new contracts increasing our sustainability and turnover.

Need for project

The digger is smaller and more compact compared to the existing harvester. The smaller digger with the harvesting head is a specialised piece of forestry machinery to help manage small undermanaged woodlands locally. With this piece of equipment undermanaged woodlands will become more habitable for animal and plant life. The timber extracted from the woodland can be recycled into consumable products, for example, logs, biomass fuel, fence panels and hedge stakes increasing the sales currently for these product thereby increasing the turnover and sustainability of the business.

Project cost

Total cost: £42,000

LEADER grant: £16,800

Projected outcomes

One new technique.

Increased turnover through expansion of client base.