Beardwood Natural Living Project

Beardwood Natural Living Project.

Project description

Beardwood Natural Living Project was established in 2011 providing a base for rural activities. The Care Farm Access project aims to promote access to the countryside and provide a community resource for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, especially children, young people and disadvantaged individuals and groups to enable them to connect with nature and get active in a green environment as a way of boosting physical and psychological well-being.

The facility achieves the aim by encouraging learning skills in farming, conservation and rural crafts together with life skills, in a therapeutic, inclusive and integrated setting to promote healthy sustainable lifestyles. The investment will increase business growth and potential by upgrading the site facilities, attracting more community involvement with a view to increasing profit margins by hiring out the facilities for events and meetings.

The investment will provide safe access to all areas of the farm with some hard landscaping including the main yard and access route. The work will enable the enterprise to provide farm and rural activities to a wider range of users with safe access to all the farm.

Need for project

Without funding the project would advance at a much slower pace, possibly over several years. The project outputs would not be met until the site facilities could be improved. Demand for places at Beardwood cannot currently be met.

Project cost

Total cost: £23,243.99

LEADER grant: £16,270.99

Projected outcomes

Number of jobs created: 1.5