Buxton Arts Festival Ltd

Buxton Festival has played an integral part in the cultural, business and social fabric of the Peak District for almost forty years.

Project description

The project will see the addition of a fourth dedicated festival venue. Located within the Pavilion Gardens a Spiegel tent will add European glamour to the festival. The new space will provide flexibility for performers to including daytime and night time activities. The investment will enable the festival to cater for a broader audience base than the current programme activities offers.

Need for project

Without funding, the Festival would be unable to invest in a Spiegeltent this funding will provide an evidence base for future investment. Without the provision of this venue to the programme of Buxton International Festival would not be in a position to provide an extended programme of family events and creative learning activities enhancing the relationship between the Festival and the wider local community.

Project cost

Total cost: £38,625

LEADER grant:£30,900

Projected outcomes

Additional number of day visitors: 3641.

Additional number of overnight visitors: 2979.