Spingle Barn

Spingle Barn Leader case study.

Project description

This project was to improve outdoor access for less able guests at Spingle barn. The gravel driveways have been replaced with suitable outdoor surfacing, improving access to the outdoor areas.  An all-terrain rental buggy provides a way for less mobile guests to explore the local area, bike trails and cross-country tracks. The installation of a home charging unit for electric cars will encourage more customers with electric vehicles to visit and stay.

Need for project

Market research identified an immediate need for this project, if it did not go ahead then the improvements would not take place for between 2-3 years.

Project cost

Total cost: £20,520.66

LEADER grant: £8,208.26

Projected outcomes

Additional number of day visitors: 465 − over three years

Additional number of overnight visitors: 317 − over three years