Woodlands signs

Woodlands signs Leader case study.

Project description

Purchase of ownership signs and interpretation panels for the woods in Buxton which are owned by the Buxton Civic Association (BCA). The scheme consists of a minimum of 29 welcome signs and 21 interpretation panels designed to encourage use of the woods and it is expected that the installation of the signs and panels will increase the dwell time of visitors to Poole's Cavern and woodland areas. The majority of the signs will be sited in the larger woods at Grin Woods, Corbar Woods and Gadley Woods. Panels will be changed seasonally.

Need for project

The project will enhance the usage of the woods in order to preserve them today, enhance them now ,and to protect them for future generations, the BCA seeks to raise their profile to locals and visitors alike by using a variety of media channels, to tell their story, improve their perceived value to the community and to increase balanced access to them.

An ongoing programme of investment is underway to improve the existing paths, both to increase accessibility and to reduce the damage to the woodland ecology.

No revenue is generated from the woods. BCA has a policy of leaving fallen trees and wood in situ, other than clearing it from paths, where it will still remain in the wood. Any increase in income would be a result of:

  1. Increasing spend per head of visitors to Poole's Cavern by increasing their dwell time on site.
  2. Attracting visitors to the woods who then use the café and shop facilities.
  3. Increase in revenue from school visits.
  4. Using the woods for arts and storytelling. For example a trial in 2015 Bubbling Vagabonds and later a wood-based art installation met with success.

Project cost

Total cost: £16,900

LEADER grant: £13,520

Projected outcomes

Two new jobs created.

Increase in number of day visitors 4,451.

Additional number of  overnight visitors 450.