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Big Fernyford Farm

The aim of the project was to restore the former pig and cart shed - the pig shed into a meat processing room to add value to the main output of the farm and the cart shed in to self catering holiday accommodation to enable farm diversification.

The grant has supported a purpose built processing room providing additional freezer and chilled storage space.

This has meant the farm has been able to increase the meat processing capacity by being able to tailor products to customer's requirements and produce burgers and sausages from off cuts, in turn increasing the farm's profitability by adding value to the meat produced.

The self-catering holiday accommodation has provided a unique selling point by providing an on farm experience for families to see the rearing of sheep through to the processing of the final product provided part time employment and additional income.

The project has ensured the farm remains viable for the long term to provide employment for future generations.

Leader grant £99,080.

Contact information

Neil Richardson

Big Fernyford Farm
SK17 0NA


Tel: 01298 83422