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The primary aim of this innovative project is to establish a professionally run catering business for the wider Parwich area, with a focus on family and community events, such as weddings, parties, funerals and other commemorative functions.

It will involve setting up a micro social enterprise and include both paid staff and volunteers. The project will also provide a service for elderly residents and the housebound, supplying locally home-cooked 'ready meals' to a village population that has recently lost its general shop and whose public transport connections are very limited. Together with other local businesses, Catering4Parwich is also looking to provide a complete package for local events, teaming up with local florists, party suppliers, and so on.

The initiative will help local people develop their own catering skills, particularly among women and the younger age group, which it is hoped will eventually lead to new employment in the future. Directly it will create new jobs and use and promote local products, as well as maximising the potential of the new, multi-purpose community facility currently being built in Parwich.

Total project cost £18,273.

Leader grant £9,136.50.

Contact information

Val Kirkham

The Orchards 


Tel: 01335 390458.