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DCS Dynamic IT System

An existing company based in Wirksworth and specialising in Legionella Disease control, prevention and risk assessment, was looking to move to new premises as part of its expansion.

This involved developing its IT system to create a full client database, production of worksheet and task lists, supplier management and remote web access to the system via new books for its engineers.

Funding was sought to purchase and install appropriate software, as well as training for the existing 7 employees and the 5 new staff posts that are planned over the next three years' growth. The new IT system will be supplied by a local company, including both hardware and software, as well as ongoing support for the system's implementation over a long period.

The aim is to allow the business to grow and improve overall productivity, with the goal of increasing the company's client base by 20% over the next year. The new IT system will help reduce the company's carbon footprint by allowing it to become paperless. And it will have a positive impact on other local suppliers that the company already uses.

Total project cost £18,159.50.

Leader grant £8,999.84.

Contact information

Tracy Wilkins

Station Yard 
Coldwell Street 


Tel: 01629 823101