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Duke of York Filling Station

The grant was to upgrade and increase the environmental aspects of the station on the forecourt and to replace the existing 1960s shop with a modern and efficient 100 square metres convenience store.

The new system provides cleaner air and increased efficiency in fuel storage and has provided the opportunity for the business to revamp the forecourt and modernise the 1960s feel to the business area. Located en route to a major tourist attraction and main through road to the Leader area the alterations have seen an increase in footfall to the business.

The convenience store will be constructed on the site of the old store but will incorporate modern building techniques and technologies. Once completed it would lead to additional local employment and the stocking of a wide range of local produce where possible due to the increased floor space.

Leader grant £19,349.52.

Contact information

AMS Enterprises Ltd 
Duke of York Filling Station 
Mayfield Road 

Tel: 01335 344683.