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Innovation piping

Buxoplas Pipe Systems Ltd is a new company formed in May 2012 by Steve Mycock to enable him to develop, manufacture and market a range of innovate pipe work products in response to gaps in the current market.

Primarily Buxoplas Pipe Systems Ltd are looking to manufacture and produce a number of innovative piping systems, and through extensive market research and testing will focus on the production of 3 new products, all of which have been developed in response to client and market demand:

  • an energy efficient pipe bundling system for the dispensing of all types of beverages (excluding milk)
  • a pipe work system specifically for use within the heat recovery and ground source heat pump industry
  • a pipe work system specifically for use to carry all reclaimed water

Leader grant £50,012.

Contact information

Steve Mycock

Buxoplas Pipe Systems Ltd 
Quarters Farm 
Hope Valley 
S33 9HX


Tel: 01433 620175.