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Manor Farm Hydro Scheme

Manor Farm has been home to 4 generations of farmers working over 1,000 acres of land.

A resilient dairy herd is still milked daily and the exposed farmland has over 600 breeding ewes. The farm is run by Geoff and Margaret alongside their son. Diversification opportunities have over the years been considered however traditional barn conversions to holiday accommodation or additional housing have been discounted as the family focus has always been on improving profitability through land management.

Grant funding enabled Geoff to complete development of a 30-year if not lifelong ambition to install a hydro scheme on the farm. The farm land is ideal for citing a hydro scheme due to the consistent rainfall experienced in the Moorland area. A substantial amount of research had been completed by Geoff over the years but the lack of resources had prevented him beginning the scheme, grant funding was crucial to enable plans to be moved to reality. The impact of the funding is long term as the reduction in utility bills will be measured over a number of years.

Visits to view the scheme are welcomed.

Leader grant £30,186.

Contact information

Geoff Tunnicliffe

Manor Farm
SK17 0SU

Tel: 01260 227251