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Retrogenix laboratory expansion

Retrogenix is a biotechnology company providing advanced services to the pharmaceutical industry. To allow growth, there was a need to expand its laboratory facilities.

The project was to convert an office unit in the Peak District (Whaley Bridge) into a fully functional and operational laboratory facility. This was undertaken and successfully completed in early 2012 with the help of the Leader grant. Retrogenix now operates solely from its new premises in Whaley Bridge, and have already employed 2 skilled scientists at the new facility, and further recruitment is ongoing.

The grant helped to expand the size of the facilities, allowing the company to grow. It allowed the business not only to continue to deliver services to existing clients, but also to bring on new clients and increase sales revenues. The grant contributed to the high initial costs of setting up the new facility.

Leader grant £11,747.69.

Contact information

Jo Soden and Jim Freeth

Crown House
Bingswood Industrial Estate
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7LY


Tel: 07990 844837.