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Salt block plant

The project proposed the manufacture of 10kg salt blocks for agricultural animal feed use. The salt would be mined in Cheshire and minerals and vitamins added to the product.

An existing, Ashbourne-based customer was already lined up who currently imported the blocks from abroad but was now looking to source them locally. In addition to this major customer, the generation of other business was integral to helping the business develop over successive years.

Since the process required specialist equipment, the set-up costs were inevitably very high, but despite being capital intensive at the start the running costs were envisaged to be reasonably modest and it was potentially profitable in the longer term. Leader funding was required to help purchase the manufacturing equipment and get the operation up and running.

It is planned for the project to create 3 additional full time jobs. It will also support an existing business and allow it to make significant carbon savings by sourcing its product locally rather than importing it.

Total project cost £154,875.

Leader grant £20,000.

Contact information

Chris Hammond

iD Centre 
RTC Business Park 
London Road 
DE24 8UP


Tel: 07957 975144.