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Speedwell Mill Conservations

An existing woodworking business proposed to further renovate an historic mill building to allow it to expand its operations.

The construction work involved removing a low and unsafe ceiling to allow new machinery to be operated. This also enabled larger materials to be handled and greater all-round efficiencies to be achieved.

Funding enabled the installation of a new biomass heater to use off-cuts and all other timber waste, drastically reducing gas consumption and providing for long-term sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of the business. It will also create a warmer building and a better environment for the raw timber.

New workspace and facilities will also be created as part of the work, to aid further business development into the field of consultancy.

The intention of the project is to help the business increase its range of products and services and encourage people to buy locally. The aim is to achieve a 10% efficiency in the core business, a 20% increase in profitability, and provide for one more skilled employee.

Total project cost £54,300.

Leader grant £18,621.45.

Contact information

James Rooney

Speedwell Mill 
Millers Green 


Tel: 01629 824041.