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The Royal Oak

A traditional Derbyshire pub sought to provide a low-cost, high-quality experience for visitors to the Peak District by increasing the number of caravan and camping pitches and extending its existing bunk barn.

The landlord of the Royal Oak at Hurdlow realised that there was clear potential to increase the pub's basic, inexpensive accommodation, and experience showed that it led to a greater demand for beverages and bar meals. Extra funding would pay for landscaping to increase the space for more tents, as well as upgrading the toilet and shower facilities. Further rooms in the bunk house have now been converted, providing more bed spaces and giving greater space for individuals, families and groups to stay and hence use the pub's other services. The landlord has found that, probably because of present economic conditions, there is a strong demand for low-cost accommodation and he was turning away campers because his site is full. He also reported that in bad weather people will opt to stay in the bunk barn rather than camp, so he was keen to extend both areas of accommodation provision to extend the season.

In terms of outputs, the aim is to secure the existing jobs and increase the number of employees. More customers would inevitably allow the pub to increase its business with local suppliers, since it aims to source locally as much as possible; and more visitors attracted to the location will have a positive, spin-off effect on other local attractions and services.

Total project cost ££38,500.

Leader grant £19,500.

Contact information

Justin Heslop

The Royal Oak 
SK17 0QJ


Tel: 01298 83288