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Employment and skills

The overall vision for the employment and skills theme is to help support employers to have a highly skilled, adaptable workforce equipped for the modern economy and to get more people into better jobs in better businesses.

Employment, learning and skills are key drivers of economic success and to be able to compete in a global economy, employers need a workforce with the appropriate skills. Individuals also need access to a range of opportunities that will equip them with the qualifications and skills to make our businesses more competitive and improve our overall quality of life.

Our employment and skills programme focuses on developing the demand for skills, through working with partners to influence and enhance mainstream education and by working with partners to develop the skills offering, and communicating it to businesses and individuals. We hope to encourage young people and adults to aim high, encourage businesses to invest in people and ultimately take advantage of the economic prosperity that employment and higher level skills can bring to the sub region.

The challenges for the future are around the future skill requirements for Derbyshire and how we ensure that we have the right skills (higher level skills) for what business demands are.

Having the right skills within a workforce is of critical importance to the economy and having this within your business is important. The D2N2 Growth Hub has information out about all the local provisions including grants and funding available to employers who are seeking support for developing the skills of their workforce.